Compare changes in cost patterns with CloudClarity Cost Explorer.

With CloudClarity's Cost Explorer tool, you can compare date ranges and gain inisght on where differentiating costs in Azure are coming from.

Compare costs between date ranges.

With CloudClarity's Cost Explorer tool you can select two date ranges and compare them based on granularity (days, months, quarters). This enables you to identify any increase in costs, in just a few clicks.

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Real-time costs

Identify cost drivers

Cost Explorer not only allows you to track down differences in cost, it also has the ability to show you what resources these costs are generated from.

Understand costs using any Azure Metric

With Cost Explorer, you're able view and compare costs using any metric, such as: Meters, Reservations, tags, and many other metrics. You also get a view of the underlying resources behind each metric cost.

Identify Cost Anomalies

How to find new costs in an environment

Find out why there's a spike in your cost, with a few easy clicks!

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