Create personalised dashboards to help you understand your Azure environment faster.

With CloudClarity Personalised Dashboards, you can filter, break down and compare the consumption cost by any metric that is important to your business and you personally.

Simplify the identification of cost drivers

The Dashboard makes it fast and easy to visualise and identify your biggest cost drivers and cost changes over time. Doing so will help you understand cost, make smart fact-based decisions, and save money.

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Give everyone visibility in your organisation with personalised views.

With the ability to create personalised cost views, you can empower more roles in your organisation, which need it. Let your application owners, project managers and heads of divisions understand your cloud consumption cost across any management group or subscription.

Cost allocation in real-time.

With CloudClarity's live cost allocation tool, you can attribute costs to tags quickly and easily. At a glance, you have the ability to identify target areas based on monthly costs and investigate what key areas are using the most of your monthly budget. In real-time, you can tag key cost areas to control and monitor your environment.

Azure Personalised Dashboard

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