Streamline reports and bulk edit tags in Azure with CloudClarity Tag Manager.

CloudClarity's Tag Manager Tool allows you to tag leveraging CSV files, while also offering a custom bulk tagging portal. Everything writes back to your Azure environment.

Overview of your tags on any level.

With CloudClarity Tag Manager, you can get an overview of your tags on any level, including Management Group, Subscription, Resource Group or resource.

Tag Manager Image
Tag Manager Image

Bulk Tagging that leverages CSV export and import.

You can bulk edit tags with an easy-to-use interface or via CSV export and import.

Tagging Version History

When using our Subscription Tag Manager tool, a record of any tag changes that have been made is created, which you can then restore at a later date.

Tag Manager Image

Bulk tagging with CSV

Bulk tag your Azure resources easily with our Import/Export CSV tool.
See the video below for a demonstration!

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